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What is Reseller Hosting?

July 2, 2011 by admin | Filed under Reseller Hosting Plans.

Reseller hosting is where a customer has the rights to sell space on their allocated server space to third parties. This can be done for a profit to the reseller.

Not all web hosting companies offer reselling. It is not acceptable, for example, to sell space on your dedicated server to other people unless your contract specifically states that you can. If you can, however, this is a good way to start a hosting company of your own. Many web hosting companies got started in this very way.

Another form of reselling is when the hosting company makes space available on its servers for reselling. In this case, it is not space allocated on your own server space, but you would be reselling space on other servers. This can be advantageous because this way you aren’t using your own resources such as bandwidth and disk space.

In either case, you will not have to know all the technical aspects of web hosting. The owner of the server will be responsible for updates on the machine.

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