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What is a CSS Template?

April 30, 2011 by admin | Filed under CSS Templates, Web Design.

The Cascading Style Sheets templates, also known as the CSS templates, assist web owners in organizing their pages by allowing them to create web sites according to standard designs.

Traditionally, web owners would layout their sites with the HTML TABLE tag, which can actually result in slow page loads. A CSS template can bypass such coding, thus making it more popular among web users and designers. Aside from making web site management easier for owners, this template also has excellent platform and browser compatibility This means that whatever browser is being used – be it Firefox, Linux, Netscape, Chrome, Mac, Internet Explorer, Unix, etc. – the page will not be distorted but will appear exactly as it was designed. Site owners can also utilize ready-to-use CSS templates if they are not too familiar or knowledgeable in creating their own unique template. The style sheet document is where the information on the design is stored. The web designer can edit the style sheet file whenever he or she makes alterations on the page.

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