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What Discounts Can I Get With a HostGator Coupon?

February 7, 2011 by admin | Filed under Host Gator.

HostGator currently has one official HostGator coupon deal available through their website. The SPRING coupon entitles the user to a 20% discount off the initial order on any HostGator hosting plan, including any contract term length. This means there are no financial risks, as is the case with most discount coupon offers, of being tied to a long-term contract with financial penalties for early contract termination. The 20% off coupon is available to both existing and new customers, but is only applicable to new orders and only for those months you include in your initial contract order. Therefore, if you sign up for a six-month contract, you will get 20% off the total order. If you sign up for a 1-month contract and then renew your contract for a further 5 months, you will only get a 20% discount on the first month service invoice.

Other HostGator discount coupons available on the internet are:

1pennygator – This coupon entitles the user to purchase the first month of their server contract for 1 cent ($0.01)

cheap25off – a 25% off coupon

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