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How Do You Configure Free Joomla Templates?

April 8, 2011 by admin | Filed under Joomla, Uncategorized, Web Design.

The entire layout and the appearance of a CMS-made websites are based on the templates that you choose. Some of the best open source templates include free Joomla templates. Apart from the basic templates that are available, other templates are also available free. They are all licensed properly. Initially, you need to check whether the web hosting that you use supports Joomla templates. If the host uses Apache or PHP, then Joomla templates can be used. Joomla templates are open source, freely downloadable content management system templates. A Joomla file is downloaded in a compressed format and then unzipped. Using FTP, Joomla is uploaded to the website and it takes quite some time, as Joomla is a large CMS. The Joomla back end is used for configuration after installation is completed from the front end. When the “Template” option is clicked, it leads to the administration region, where configuration of the Joomla template is performed. The template that needs to be configured is selected. For Joomla version 1.6, the default template is BeeZ20.


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