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FastCGI with Joomla Hosting

March 14, 2011 by admin | Filed under Joomla, Web Design.

FastCGI support, in conjunction with Joomla hosting, offers the fastest and most streamlined web experience for visitors to your site. Compared to regular CGI, FastCGI handles larger amounts of data such as text, images and animations, and provides a much faster upload process. This is achieved by streamlining the transitioning process with each new page that’s loaded, making use of the site’s memory and cache system to store common data between the site’s pages, resulting in less data to load up with each page that’s relative to the site.

Integrating web-hosting servers with Joomla allows for faster navigation with customers sites. If your site is already built from the ground-up using Joomla, you can implement FastCGI into the coding to replace the regular CGI that is currently in use. The process of transferring this data is simple and easy to do, making FastCGI a prospective feature for people who are new to web hosting and those who wish to upgrade their already existing site, allowing for faster web browsing


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