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A HostPapa Review: The Bad

June 17, 2011 by admin | Filed under Host Papa.

This Hostpapa review will focus on the fact that HostPapa is one of the less excellent web hosting companies to choose from. Their downtime for web sites that have any decent amount of traffic is appalling, often resulting in an hour or more of downtime each day. This puts their uptime far below the advertised 99.9%.

HostPapa’s technical support is also terrible. They do not seem to understand the more complex aspects of web hosting, especially the extremely technical components. Since they are the technical support team, this is particularly disturbing. They also fail to help customers in a timely manner, often taking several days to respond to an email or support ticket. Although they have an online chat service, the representatives on the other end are very unhelpful and tend to simply request that the customer send an email or create a ticket. HostPapa’s customer support is just as unresponsive, making it incredibly frustrating when an issue arises that requires help from the web hosting company, which happens all too frequently.

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