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A GreenGeeks Coupon and an iPad 2

April 6, 2011 by admin | Filed under Green Geeks.

Relatively recently, to encourage new customers to sign up with their package, GreenGeeks created a giveaway system. From those who set up a plan with their web hosting services in a particular month, a name was drawn at random. This random person received a free Apple iPad 2. The first giveaway was in April, and GreenGeeks has decided to continue the program, as it generated more business than they’d gotten in quite a while. And, for those who live in countries where the iPad 2 cannot be shipped, there is also a monetary award of equivalent value.

Unfortunately for web hosting companies, business has been rather slow. That’s why there have been extensive cuts on prices for packages of all sorts, and not just with GreenGeeks. This alone has not generated the amount of business they need to make a steady profit. Thus, GreenGeeks devised the giveaway plan. Now, it’s possible to get a deal on web hosting service with a GreenGeeks coupon and win an iPad 2 at the same time.

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